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Do you want to elevate your production to the next level? Whether a prototype, limited series or mass production: The ERP solution from xentral optimizes production planning, automates goods management and takes care of all of the order management. This way, you have more time to take care of strategic matters.

Automate your production

Production planning and PPS

All of the threads are pulled together in the production module from xentral. xentral controls the entire process for you, from procurement, production and quality assurance in the ERP system. All of the data are recorded and analyzed without gaps, so you can see in advance how much waste will accrue and the reasons for that.

Individual dashboards for production

xentral ERP visualizes the entire production and quality assurance process on the dashboard. You can see exactly how the workflow is running and you have an overview of all relevant information, like throughput times, waste, active machines and much more.

Multi-client support: B2B and B2C customers

With xentral, you can work on several projects simultaneously in the same interface. You can structure your planning, production and analysis into B2B and B2C customers. You decide if you want to manage all customers centrally or by client groups.

Powerful goods management for producers and manufacturers

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Special interfaces and modules for producers

Here’s how to work with xentral as a manufacturer: Click play!

Your entire production in only one ERP system

xentral unites ERP and PPS in one software. Use the options offered by new technologies and automate your production. Manufacturing processes in particular offer enormous optimization potential. With xentral, you can plan, control and optimize the entire supply chain on a central system, even from your smartphone with the mobile version.

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With xentral, nothing is left to coincidence: All of the business processes flow together in the ERP system. The performance is analyzed in real time and visualized on the dashboard. You can see exactly which processes are running well, where you can optimize and what your best-selling products are.

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The ERP system from xentral is based on Open Source. As a result, you benefit from powerful feature modules and interfaces. Connect all of your suppliers, sales channels, shipping providers, payment providers, banks and your warehouses with only a few clicks! Starting immediately, you can control them all centrally from your ERP solution.

Show all xentral interfaces

With xentral, you can get started right away. We dispense with long introduction times and offer you all relevant features in the basic version so you can visualize the most important business processes. Install the exact modules you need as a producer and build your customized ERP system. With xentral, you can scale infinitely. Test us!

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xentral offers you an easy connection to marketplaces, stores, payment and shipping service providers, accounting systems and more. If you choose the Pro or VIP version, xentral connects automatically to all your systems.

If you want to expand your system landscape during the active use of xentral, you can connect additional systems at any time. You will find detailed instructions for each interface in the manual. If something doesn't work the way you want it to, the xentral team is there to support you.

Are you looking for powerful features and don't believe in long implementation times? Then you are just like our more than 1,000 customers from e-commerce, retail, FBA, manufacturing and more who are already using xentral ERP.

The feedback is clear: xentral convinces with its clear structure, comprehensive features and high speed. We are constantly expanding the software and use it internally ourselves. That's how, we alrady know ourselves which wishes we have to fulfill. In the blog, you can find out what xentral experiences other expert entrepreneurs have had.

Our business software will change the way you work. In order for you to thoroughly test how xentral ERP can help you in your daily work, you can of course test the ERP at your leisure.

xentral is available to you free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. You can try out all functions with your own data and get your own impression. If you like xentral, you can continue without any problems and take over all data from your test version. If you have any questions, please contact the xentral experts.

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The answer depends on one important question: Do you want to implement xentral yourself or with the help of our team?

  • xentral Core or optimal Growth packages: If you want to implement xentral yourself, you can start right away. Please note that you will need basic IT skills for this setup. Your contact person will be happy to assist you.
  • xentral Enterprise: With this package, you set up your xentral ERP together with professionals. Many companies use this option to get started quickly and safely. Depending on the workload of our team and your schedule, the setup usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks.

You're in a super hurry? We get that! For really urgent cases we have created the Express Move-In. This allows you to go live with the xentral team as early as 3 to 4 weeks. Our experts will take care of all your questions. Simply arrange a non-binding online consultation.

You want to start immediately? If you have the necessary IT skills, you can get started right away with the xentral Do It Yourself package and implement your ERP yourself at your own pace.

Our experienced team has already mastered moves to xentral for various clients in different industries. The simple migration of data from external systems to xentral keeps the effort involved in the move to a minimum.

We will guide you through the entire process. All you need to do is tell us your previous ERP system - in most cases we have already migrated from this system to xentral. If not, we'll take on any new challenge for you.

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